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Electrolysis is the removing of unwanted hair from the matrix with the use of an electric current. At White Orchid we us short wave diathermy or blend for permanant hair removal.

10 min £16
15 min £20
20 min £23
30 min £26


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Short wave diathermy

The epilation technique produces heat using high frequency short wave diathermy current which cauterises the matrix. A fine needle slides into the hair follicle and high frequency, short wave diathermy current is delivered to the hair follicle where localized damage to the matrix occurs and the hair is easily removed. However, if the root is allowed to regrow it will become stronger, therefore regular treatments or a course of treatments may be required.

Through epilation using a galvanic current the salt and water in the hair follicle around the probe chemically alters to produce lye which is a destructive ingredient in a galvanic technique. Lye dissolves the dermal papilla that causes hair growth and as it is a fluid it can reach all parts of the hair follicle, therefore curved follicles can be effectively treated.



The blend epilataion is both diathermy and galvanic currents. When blended the lye becomes more turbulent and therefore gets into all areas of the follicle. With heat the tissue surrounding the dermal papilla becomes more porous, the lye can then diffuse into it, making the treatment more effective. The blend of both the heat and chemical reaction is less uncomfortable however, it takes longer.